Open from August 30th 2019 (Fri)! Report on Aichi Sky Expo Opening Ceremony ~Opening of the largest exhibition center in the Tokai Region with direct connection to Chubu International Airport~

Aichi Sky Expo was officially opened on Friday, August 30th by Aichi Prefecture and Aichi International Convention & Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. (5-10-1, Centrair, Tokoname-shi, Aichi, 479-0881 Japan/President Morgan Chaudeler) An opening ceremony was held in commemoration with approximately 1,100 guests attending the ceremony held in Hall A, the largest independent exhibition space at Aichi Sky Expo. The ceremony kicked off with a performance by DRUM TAO, Japanese taiko drum ensemble from Komaki in Aichi Prefecture, and Governor Omura of Aichi and Chairman/CEO Ginon of GL events commented about the much-anticipated opening. Six dignitaries including Shozo Kudo, Parliamentary Secretary for Land, Infrastructure and Transport; and Yoshihide Esaki, Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry also gave commemorative remarks. Globally renowned idol group IZ*ONE, made up of Japanese and Korean members, livened up the celebrations with their surprise appearance in advance of their 2 day Aichi Impact! live event. The ceremony concluded with all of the guests assembling on stage for the “kagami biraki” breaking of the sake barrel ceremony, to celebrate the opening of the largest exhibition center in the Tokai Region. Aichi Sky Expo was built by Aichi Prefecture and is the first international exhibition center in Japan that is directly connected to an airport. The exhibition space is one of the largest in Japan at 60,000m2, and has the flexibility to meet various needs, attracting attention for not only the Tokai Region, but all of Japan. Following the opening, Aichi Impact! featuring e-sports and K-POP was held over 2 days, and a large-scale music event, WIRED MUSIC FESTIVAL ’19 will be held during the first weekend in September. TOKONAME OWARAI EXPO is scheduled for the end of September. The exhibition center is already busy hosting many exciting events. 【Comments from Aichi Governor Hideaki Omura】 We were able to open Aichi Sky Expo in a mere three and a half years after establishing the “Exhibition Venue Maintenance Policy” in February 2016, what we consider to be the shortest period possible. Aichi Sky Expo is sure to vitalize the tradeshow and exhibition industry, contributing to overall economic growth in Japan. We will proactively expand the exhibition and events business, creating and sharing a new industry style from Aichi. 【Comments from GL events Chairman/CEO Ginon】 This is an important milestone for GL events. Aichi Sky Expo symbolizes the expanding MICE market in Asia. Using GL Events international network to connect cities around the world, we will expand the synergy from Aichi to the rest of world to promote the appeal of this area and this amazing exhibition center. 【Comments from President Maeda of Maeda Corporation】 Features such as the permanent bonded exhibition ground and a 5G network, and exhibition space totaling 60,000 square meters make Aichi Sky Expo an unprecedented exhibition center, not only in Japan, but all over the world. We are excited to be working in partnership with GL events with their global network. We will be working to promote Aichi Sky Expo and growth for Aichi Prefecture. 【Comments from President Morgan Chaudeler of Aichi International Convention & Exhibition Center Co., Ltd.】 Today is a day to remember for Aichi Prefecture and the MICE market. I am extremely pleased to be a part of the opening of Aichi Sky Expo. The direct connection to an international airport and the permanent bonded exhibition ground will definitely make this exhibition center a leader in the MICE market in Japan and Asia. Aichi Sky Expo advocates globalization, diversity and innovation. Utilizing the global network of GL events, we will make contributions to local development with technology that is not available at other exhibition centers.