Aichi Sky Expo’s Official Key Presentation Ceremony

An official key presentation ceremony was held in Aichi Prefectural Guest House where Mr. Hideaki Omura, governor of Aichi, handed a symbolic key of Aichi Sky Expo to Morgan Chaudeler, the president of AICEC (Aichi, Nagoya, Naka-ku). The exhibition and convention center will open August, the 30th. Aichi Sky Expo (Aichi International Exhibition Center), owned by Aichi Prefecture is the first international exhibition center in Japan, with a direct access to an international airport. Aichi Sky Expo draws attention not only in Tokai region, but also all over Japan, because of its innovative aspects. With 60,000sqm of indoor space, the venue is one of the largest in Japan. It is the only permenent bonded exhibition center in Japan, offering multi-purpose event space, flexible for all types of events. During the ceremony held on 17th of July, while handing an object in shape of a big key, Mr.  Hideaki Omura and Mr. Morgan Chaudeler exhanged the messages of encouragement and promises to continiously work on welcoming guests from all over the world in Aichi Sky Expo. After the opening, the center will leverage the attractiveness of Aichi Prefecture. 【Message from Hideaki Omura, the governor of Aichi Prefecture】 I hope that Aichi Sky Expo can dynamize the exhibition market not only in Aichi, but all over Japan. At Aichi Impact, the opening event on 30th August, an e-sport event will be organised, attracting more and more people. I expect that we can welcome lots of visitors in Aichi Sky Expo and create new networks and business opportunities in future. 【Message from Morgan Chaudelar, President of AICEC】 I promise to do my best for Aichi Sky Expo’s opening and to make it successful. I would like to dynamize Aichi prefecture and Tokai region. Aichi Sky Expo will become an international exhibition center with GL events know-how and modern & innovative services. With our motto « the heart of Japan becomes the heart of the world », we promote the venue and continue to dynamize Aichi through the cooperation with the Prefecture.