Guide for Organizer

Flow of Use
Flow from application to event

Flow of Use

  • STEP1
    Use Inquiry

    The start date for accepting applications varies depending on the scale of use and the number of days. Please refer to the attached “Application Period” in the Terms of Use.

    +Check the related PDF files


  • STEP2
    Submission of Use Permit Application

    In principle, we will notify you of the approval or disapproval of your application within 14 days, from the day after the application is received.

  • STEP3
    Issuance of Use Permit
  • STEP4
    Payment of Use Fee

    Please see Section “2-2 Payment of Use Fee” regarding the payment schedule.

  • STEP5
    Use Planning Meeting
    Application for various incidental facilities, electricity, HVAC, etc.
  • STEP6
    Notification to Operation-related Organizations

    Submit the necessary notification documents to the Operation-related organizations.

    Fire Department (Event Notification)
    Police Department (Event Notification)
    Health Department (if involving food and drink)

  • STEP7
    Opening of the event
  • STEP8
    After-use payment adjustment
    Charges for electricity, HVAC, water, etc.