SDGs Initiatives

Aichi Sky Expo is a venue that offers a variety of actionable, sustainable ideas.
The first exhibition center certified CASBEE S rank and ZEB Ready

CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency) is an evaluation and rating system for the environmental performance of buildings, and S rank is the highest rating in the system.
ZEB stands for Net Zero Energy Building, and refers to a building that significantly reduces annual primary energy consumption compared to a building of the same size and standard facility specifications by using high-efficiency equipment and other energy-saving measures while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Aichi Sky Expo has acquired ZEB Ready certification, which is given to buildings that reduce annual primary energy consumption by 50% or more.
In addition, a tree-supporting wall greening system called “Vertical Forest®” is installed at the entrance eaves to visualize the environmental design.

Feel the warmth of local products

Aichi Prefecture makes many unique products. The entrance hall and mall of Aichi Sky Expo are decorated with products made in Aichi, including Aichi Certified Wood, Obara Washi paper, bricks from Seto, and porcelain tiles made in Tokoname.


Aichi Sky Expo considers local issues from social, economic, and environmental perspectives with the aim of regional development. We utilize the features of the exhibition center as a “hub of information” to promote solutions to these issues together with local communities, creating a means for growth.

Service made in Aichi, for Aichi

Active promotion of local food brands by incorporating local vegetables, rice, sausage, etc., into the foods served at Aichi Sky Expo.


Active engagement as an intermediary between event organizers and local businesses to create opportunities for the promotion of local industry through each event.


Active employment of local companies as subcontractors to create opportunities for event organizers to discover the qualitative services of local companies.

Protecting the local environment
100% Renewable & Sustainable Energy
Let’s organize Net Carbon Zero events
We care local environment

Exhibition centers are among the many facilities that use significant amounts of electricity. We have achieved 100% use of renewable and sustainable energy for our electricity needs. We use solar-generated power (surplus power is sold) for a portion of our electricity use, and clean energy (Aichi Green Power) as the main source of power.

Aichi Sky Expo proposes to event organizers to hold events utilizing carbon offsets, and works to disclose the amount of energy consumed at event venues to event organizers, which is necessary for the calculation of CO2 emissions. For the future of a sustainable event industry, we have established a system where it is possible to hold “Net Zero Carbon Events.”

Surrounded by the ocean, Aichi Sky Expo places particular emphasis on initiatives to counter marine pollution. When cleaning our facilities, we have reduced the use of surfactants, which do not easily decompose in rivers and oceans, and use instead mainly alkaline ionized electrolyzed water, which contains no chemicals or environmental pollutants. In addition, as a countermeasure against the scattering of trash into the bay due to events held outdoors, etc., we regularly conduct trash pickup activities in the surrounding areas.