Historically strategic location between Tokyo and Kyoto

Historic tourism sites

Birth place of Samurai heroes Oda-Nobunaga, Toyotomi-Hideyoshi and Tokugawa-Ieyasu.
Samurai heritage sites such as Nagoya-castle, Inuyama-castle (national treasure), and Tokugawa-museum.

Manufacturing and Technology unique experience

Museums of automobiles, aerospace, railways and ceramics where you can experience some of the world’s most cutting-edge technology.
Industrials sites visit such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Noritake, …


Stretch your legs after a convention, congress or trade show to enjoy Tokoname city, where Aichi Sky Expo is located, is famous for its traditional ceramics as Chita Cat “Manekineko in Japanese” or lucky cat and also many shop of Tokoname pottery.

You can also enjoy one of the sake (Japanese spirit) of the region.

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Map of Aichi Prefecture