Aichi Prefecture is home to almost 8 million people.

The most modern Convention & Exhibition Center of Japan.

The first Convention & Exhibition Center in Japan with direct access to an international airport.

The only one Convention & Exhibition Center in Japan with a customs free zone.

Aichi Sky Expo is located in the 1st industrial region of Japan.

Important technological, industrial and knowledge hub in Japan the highest national manufacturing output.

60% of nation’s trade surplus

Home to Toyota Motor Corporation, Denso Corporation, Subaru, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Aircraft and other major international companies.

Automobile (40% of nation’s share), aerospace (50% of aircrafts and related parts production) and robotics (No. 1 in Japan for the number of establishments and employees in the sector) hub

1st in Japan of manufactured goods shipments for 39 years in a row since 1977

Aichi also leads in the textiles, steel, plastics, fine ceramics, rubber, lumber and wood, aerospace, data communications, electronics, biomedical and other advanced industries.

Knowledge and future industries hub

Aichi boasts 49 universities, 28 junior colleges, and 233 high schools.

Renown as the Nobel Winning Prefecture for the number of scientists being awarded Nobel prizes in such fields as chemistry and physics.

Major events to come

2019 – Rugby World Cup, G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting.

2020 – World Robot Summit, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
Ghibli Park in Nagakute

2026 – Asian Games


The brand was chosen among more than 2500 public applications from Japan and overseas, aiming to create interest and affection for the future venue.
The name Aichi Sky Expo reflects the architecture of the building and an easy air access. The logo, created by Nagoya-based designer Akio Ogawa with a traditional Japanese taste, is inspired by an appealing image of the sea, the sky, and the wind of the airport island of Tokoname, where the center is located. It represents three capital letters of “Aichi Sky Expo”, A, S, E.

Logo Aichi Sky Expo